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Pilates is a form of intelligent exercise based on biomechanical body awareness and mindfulness. Focusing on the breath, and optimising muscle activation for movement, regular Pilates practice brings focus to the mind, and strength, endurance and stability to the body. Pilates is an invaluable tool in combating the effects of modern life, such as excessive sitting and sedentary habits.

Our Pilates classes are kept small to ensure an individualised approach. They are run by Physiotherapists with specialised training in teaching Clinical Pilates. Pilates is the perfect low impact exercise for chronic pain and postural issues, designed to improve core strength and the mind-body connection.

Pregnancy pilates is a great way for expectant mums to remain active. Classes are suitable for all women at any stage of their pregnancy and for all fitness levels. Ladies who suffer from any pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain (such as pelvic or back pain) can participate as the exercises can help to manage and reduce symptoms.

The exercises are designed to optimise core stability, balance control and strength by using body weighted exercises, fitballs, hand weights and therabands.

All classes and poses are modifiable to suit all ages and abilities.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact movements designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance. Pilates was created over 100 years ago by a man called Joseph Pilates and today it is practiced worldwide. Pilates has an emphasis on postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance that can help to improve pain and general well-being.


Who can do it?

Pilates is not just designed for the young and the fit, it is designed for everyone; whether you are a senior, haven’t participated in exercise before or are carrying an injury. The classes at Enhance are kept small, to ensure that it can be tailored to suit each individual and so that assistance can be provided to everyone.


If you are struggling with an injury it is recommended that you have an assessment with our trained physiotherapists, before beginning classes to ensure your safety.


Common conditions and injuries treated with Pilates include (but aren’t limited to):

Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia


Lower back pain

Pregnancy & Postnatal rehab

Neck pain & headaches


Joint Hypermobility

Shoulder injuries



There are so many benefits that have been associated with Pilates.


Injury recovery

Improved flexibility

Increased muscle strength

Improved posture

Improved balance and control

Faster muscle recovery

Improved core strength

Improved body awareness

Reduced pressure on joints


Pilates at Enhance

At Enhance Physiotherapy we offer mat classes and reformer Pilates. As mentioned previously the classes are only small to ensure that attention is given to all participants. The class will incorporate the use of body weight exercises, along with the use equipment such as; resistance bands, rings and Pilates balls. All exercises performed during the classes are modifiable to accommodate new participants, but can also be made more challenging for our more experienced participants.


All you need to bring to the class is a“can-do attitude”, a water bottle, sweat towel and grip socks if you already own them (they aren’t essential). 


If Pilates sounds like it is something missing from your life, call us on 9583 5165 for your Enhance experience too join today!