How to stay active when self isolating – Home Workout Edition!

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As much as it is vital for us to do our part and stay home to help preserve the health and well-being of our community, it’s even more vital that we continue to support our immune system and physical and mental health. As an exercise physiologist, I understand that exercise from home can seem difficult, especially if you have very little equipment or space. However, there is SO much you can do using just your body weight, resistance bands or objects around the house. Below, I’ve put together a short exercise routine that requires only a resistance band. It can be completed in a small space in your home, backyard, or local park. Aim to complete the routine 3 times a week to help maintain your joint and muscle health during this time.

The goal of the circuit is to perform each exercise for 30 seconds or 12 repetitions. Aim to complete 4 rounds with a 1-2 minute rest in between.

Don’t forget to stretch and warm up with your spikey ball before and after your exercise session!

Remember, at Enhance Physiotherapy we have a full stock of exercise bands and spikey balls to help you exercise at home!

  1. Squat

Start position: Tie the band around your thighs with moderate tension. Start with your knees and feet hip-width apart

Movement: Bend your knees into a squat position, keeping your bottom back like sitting back in a chair. Aim to keep your knees apart while pressing thighs out into the band.

Drive your weight through the heels and return to starting position.


  1. Band Opens

Start position: Hold band at shoulder height while keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed, and chest up.

Movement: Pull the band apart, squeezing shoulder blades together, then relax the band slowly and controlled.

  1. Spilt Squat

Start position: Front leg starts forward in a split stance with back heel lifted off the ground. Place the band under the front foot and hold in your opposite hand with moderate tension.

Movement: Bend both knees into a lunge and keep your bottom back. With weight in the front heel return to starting position.


  1. Arm Curl

Start position: Place the band under the feet and hold in one hand with moderate tension. Keep your shoulders relaxed and elbows kept at the sides. Start with elbow bent at 90 degrees.

Movement: Bend the elbow further, curling the band up towards your shoulder then return to starting position.

  1. Deadlift

Start position: Place the band under the feet and hold band in both hands with moderate tension. Standing straight with back neutral and shoulder blades squeezed together.

Movement: Fold your hips over as you push your bottom back. Keep a slight bend in the knees and shoulder blades squeezed back. Pushing your heels into the ground, drive your hips forward while returning to starting position. Overall movement of a deadlift is a hip hinging movement.

If you have any specific conditions or needs or require  clarification if this exercise is safe for you,  call us today and one of our brilliant Exercise Physiologists can help prescribe you with a safe and effective exercise option.

Lastly, have fun!


By Samantha Browning


Sam is one of our exercise physiologist who works out of our Como and Canningvale clinics. Call us today to find out how exercise physiology can help you achieve your goals or enhance your health and wellbeing!

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