We all make our New Years Resolutions going into a new year and mine was to not only return to playing soccer, but also to try a new sport or activity. So, I’ve decided to start boxing once I am fit enough.

I am now 9 and a half months post ACL reconstruction on my right knee. With the help and support of my Enhance Physiotherapy colleagues, my recovery has come along quite smoothly.

Since my last blog, I have begun long distance running and sprinting again. I am also currently working on improving both my speed and endurance levels, as I have noticed a considerable decrease in my cardiovascular fitness since my surgery.

In December, I returned back to the gym to continue increasing my strength while also introducing dynamic, plyometric exercises to my body.

Plyometric exercises or “jump training” involves explosive and rapid movements that help improve power, strength, balance and agility.

My current ACL rehabilitation program includes:

  • 200m sprints
  • weighted squats
  • weighted walking lunges
  • box jumps
  • single leg stride hops

Each day, my knee feels stronger and fitter. The combination of the jumping exercises and sprinting have helped me on my rehabilitation journey in improving my confidence both mentally and physically.

The next stage of my ACL rehabilitation will be to start introducing sport specific training, with the hopes of returning to soccer competition in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned……

ACL Rehabilitiation sprints
ACL Rehabilitiation sprints
ACL Rehabilitiation Box Jumps
ACL Rehabilitation Box Jumps
ACL Rehabilitation Box Jumps
ACL Rehabilitation Box Jumps

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